2 Video Marketing Types You Can Use To Attract Viewers


2 Video Marketing Types You Can Use To Attract Viewers

Want to know video marketing 101?  , well if you’re wondering about attracting viewers then you’re at the right place. Over the last 5 years, the rising popularity of videos for marketing can no longer be denied. According to a recent survey, businesses published 18 videos every month on average. This isn’t surprising. With more and more consumers looking for innovative ways of finding products and services, businesses also need to get strategic ways to connect with the audience.

Video marketing is no doubt changing the business landscape…You can use 4 types to improve your viewer engagement.

Brand Videos –

The 1st core type of video marketing is Brand Videos, The purpose of these videos should be to, in a sense, introduce yourself to your viewers. Tell your audience the story of your brand, rave about your core values, and convince them your company is unique and worth their time. A great way to differentiate your brand video from others like it is through animation. Animation offers numerous possibilities to show your brand off in a creative way. It provides visual and emotional stimulation and leaves the viewer in a good mood.

Animation also allows you to incorporate a brand character. Between ads, product packaging, and storefronts, every day your viewer comes face-to-face with more brand names than they can remember. While it’s easy for a company name to slip someone’s mind, they’ll have a much easier time recalling the face of a memorable character. When you’re putting together these videos, think short, fun, and unique.

Explainer Promo Videos –

The 2nd core type of video marketing is Explainer videos, the purpose of explainer videos is to do just that—explain something. These can include anything from sharing helpful tips, walking the viewer through an activity, or teaching them how to solve a difficult problem. Explainer videos are great for home service companies. If someone who is unfamiliar with plumbing or HVAC is looking for a quick fix to a problem in their home, a video is a great, easy way to show them a solution. They’ll have a much easier time following a step-by-step instructional video than a written list of steps to take.

Information-oriented queries are more common than queries with the intent to buy or other queries that come later in the funnel. For this reason, from a search perspective, these videos are most likely to see the most viewers. Another benefit of explainer videos is that they don’t outwardly promote your product or service. Instead, they provide useful important to help your audience, while introducing them to your brand at the same time.

Master these 2 types if you’re looking to engage your viewers in a flash because these two can get the engagement you need for your business.