5 Amazing Video Websites you can use that aren’t YouTube!


5 Amazing Video Websites you can use that aren’t YouTube!

There’s nothing better than YouTube and it has no competition, that’s settled. When it comes to video websites, we ought to think about YouTube only because it’s the benchmark for video websites, but it’s not like as if only they have the highest visit ratio or PADA (page authority, domain authority), they certainly do have a position but there are other options too. Let us tell you about them.

1.     Vimeo

This is a known one and doesn’t need an introduction, it’s regarded as an alternate to YouTube and has made quite a reputation of itself among video websites. The reason why we rank it 1st is because of its community presence that includes filmmakers and official production houses mostly from Hollywood, plus Vimeo disregards low-quality video content and maintains a high standard. Vimeo has around 240 million viewers with 50 million viewers from US only.

2.     Metacafe

The 2nd on the list is a video website which is operational since 2003, older than YouTube itself and used to be a video sensation back then for teenagers. Meta café has always been famous for short videos content and unlike Vimeo standards, Metacafe has almost everything from webcam videos to reviews and basic categories. Metacafe hosts a 53 million viewership with the majority of them being in the US.


3.     The Internet Archive

We bet you haven’t even heard of this one, if you have then you know how underrated this video website is and needs exposure. It’s a library where you find everything but mostly they have the largest collection of videos in their record, from historical footages to banned videos, they have it all. Although it’s not user-friendly and just like a library, it’s hard to locate and search. With a global viewership of 100 million, the internet archive has around 20 million Chinese viewers and 40 million viewership from Asia.

The Internet Archive

4.     9GAGTV

The 4th on the list is a video website that used to be a mere Facebook page some 4 years back posting funny videos and meme ’s, who knew they would become one of the most popular websites for funny videos. 9GAG is all about funny videos and have the largest video content based on humor and comedy, they have 10 funny categories to choose from and the whole layout of the site is based on comical skits.9GAGtv caters a 150 million viewership, with 30 million in the US and 45 million in Europe.


5.     Dailymotion

Dailymotion is last on the list because it’s slowly fading away as we speak and has too much competition now to gain back position. Some 3 years back Dailymotion was almost there with YouTube. But it’s still standing because of its good interface, flexible copyrights, and feasible monetization policies, probably the reason why it still has 112 million visitors per month. The European YouTube has over 110 million viewers with 50 million viewership from Europe.



YouTube is the king but these 5 are still in the race to cater their viewers and make new viewers. Of course, the standard of YouTube can’t be beaten but the reason why all 5 of these exist is that of the countries the viewers are in.


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