The 5 Best Instructional Video Picks To Inspire From


The 5 Best Instructional Video Picks To Inspire From

Fact 101, we all love to watch videos that educate us or teach us something right? Whether they are videos about a product and service or a company explaining what they do and how they do it or a complex biology theory, it’s always engaging and fun to watch instructional videos to stay informative. Today, we bring you more of our top picks, so if you’re a company confused about what instructional videos are or our everyday reader who has no clue about it then this is for you, here are our top 5 picks.


  1. Ziffit Instructional Video

The 1st on the pick is a video by Ziffit, Ziffit is a commodity buy and sell platform where people can sell their old belongings for money, this instructional video is for the people to understand how they can sign up and start buying and selling, a step by step screencast animation video guiding the viewers in the most profound way. Here’s the link to their video 


  1. NetSupport Instructional Video

2nd  on the list is an instructional video by NetSupport, Rising to the challenge and requirements of the modern classroom, NetSupport School provides the ability to deliver lesson content, work collaboratively, and monitor student PCs, ensuring that complete student attention and focus is maintained at all times.  This video shows their viewers how they can benefit from learning online with a simple click, check it out here

  1. ING Direct Australia Instructional Video

3rd on the list is an instructional video by ING Direct Australia for their new iPad app,  the reason why this video is worth watching is because it explains banking In a simple way without making it hard for their viewers to understand the use of the app.  Here’s the link to their video

  1. Pinchme Instructional Video

4th on the list is a video by Pinchme which works with the leading top brands to get people free products for review and discussing. This video is about how the company operates and makes it possible for the people to avail free products and sign up guide. The style of animation used with characters and sound is immensely targeted for a specific target market. Take a look here,

  1. Parts Detect Instructional Video

The 5th and the last is an instructional video by Parts Detect, the video shows how vendors and users can download the app to fix their car issues virtually without having a mechanic on the spot and also check registration and engine numbers to verify. A well-made 2D animated video for the people who want to verify new cars or used without any hassle. Check their video out 



 So these are our top 5 instructional videos that can help you understand and pick the one to inspire from if you are about to make one. This list is based on our own views and research and in no way biased to list down each in order.


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