7 Best Technology Advertisement Video Examples Made By Companies


7 Best Technology Advertisement Video Examples Made By Companies

When we think and talk about companies, there’s one industry that lights up in our head instantly, and they are Tech companies. So, how do these companies become so great and big? One word! Technology explainer videos, made by them or for them. These videos play a vital role in their exposure either to explainer complex scenarios and concept or talk about their own company story. We have chosen our 7 best that we think to deserve a limelight. Here they are:

  1. World Economic Forum – What Is Blockchain?

Top of the ladder, 1st position among the best according to us is for a video based on Block Chain by World Economic Forum explaining how crypto works and how blockchain plays its role in managing the whole concept of digital currency. One of the best Technology explainer videos there on YouTube, as the best Blockchain Technology Advertisement Example. Have a look and learn


  1. Amazon Global Logistics Technology Advertisement Video

2nd on the list is a video by Amazon about logistics technology, the video is based on how amazon improvises and advances its logistics technology worldwide. They recently launched a new system to expand their global services. One of the fine Logistics Technology Advertisement Examples we have seen so far. Take a look at this video here

  1. KPMG – Global Construction Survey: Technology in action

3rd on the list is a Technology explainer video by KPMG based on their new global construction survey showing their new technology in action. A finance company working for the systems of tech firms and managing global operations is a grand responsibility which they proudly fulfill. Here, have a look at their video:

  1. Comarch Telecoms – How SDN/NFV Enables New Services and Business Models

We ranked Comarch Telecoms 4th in technology explainer videos, the reason being is their complex videos which are specifically for the sophisticated audience, this video, for example, is based on network function virtualization (NFV) for telecom companies. One of the finest Networking Technology Advertisement Example you can get on the internet. Here’s a link to their video


  1. Sigma Technology Advertisement Video

5th on the list is a technology explainer video by Sigma Technology, A coding company that works for engineering companies and the automotive industry. This is their video for showcasing how their company plays a role in managing industry IT departments. Here’s a link to their video

  1. Deloitte – Technology Consulting 

Speaking of technology, there’s only 1 company that stands out but we rank them 6th because other companies had videos better than them but we still give them a good Sixth position.  Deloitte offers tech solutions for businesses and helps them attain efficiency and productivity. This video shows how they do it and what firms think about them, take a look

  1. Mitsubishi Electric VET Technology Advertisement Video

The last but not the least, a company is known for its reliable and durable appliances and devices, Mitsubishi Electric, a well-deserved 7th spot. This video is about their product and the new VET technology for their clients and vendors especially as to how their new technology works. Here’s a link, take a look


So that’s it, our top 7 picks, got any better ones? You can suggest us or write to us as well. just to give a shout out, these videos are ranked on the basis of their views on social media and YouTube, after thorough research and understanding, we make a list for you guys to learn and read.