According to 2018, whats new for Video Marketing


According to 2018, whats new for Video Marketing

Predicted to be one of the most powerful tools in marketing in the year 2018, video marketing is quickly becoming the new “it” tool in the world of Digital Marketing. As a matter of fact, as much as 57% of consumer internet traffic in 2017 can be attributed to video – 4X as much as web and browsing email according to Hubspot. Expert forecasters are predicting that to rise to 69% by 2017 and continue up to 79% by 2018. Why the growth? Social integrations on various platforms with heavy investments by major companies are definitely playing a role. But truth be told, it’s the video consumers who are really driving the change. Just mentioning “Video” in an email subject can increase click rates by up to 19%. And the demand for video experience has never been as high.

So what exactly constitutes as part of “Video Marketing”? It might be a bit broader term than you expected. The simplest explanation is videos which are incorporated into marketing campaigns and strategies. But the spectrum of video marketing takes form in avenues from animated GIFS, to short Social Media videos and longer streaming from leaders such as YouTube and Vimeo.

Video Marketing allows viewers to dive into the world of a brand or business, getting the entire “feel” of their offering in as little as a few seconds as opposed to reading line after line of the dry script. It’s engaging. It’s entertaining. And it’s captivating an audience so deeply that businesses can no longer ignore the benefits of incorporating video into this year’s (and the years to come) strategy for success.


At this point – just about everyone. Yup, if you’ve missed the bus, it’s time to run and catch up. With demand increasing, platforms across the web are now integrating video capabilities as a larger portion of their overall streaming abilities. As leaders like YouTube continue to rise, other non-traditionally video-focused platforms are now increasing their abilities to offer a video like Facebook and Instagram while others like Snapchat have capitalized on the trend giving 100% of efforts for the best video experience on the market.

Whether you’re investing large or small amounts of resources into your Video Marketing strategy, there are options out there to get involved and get started without missing this essential piece of our digital world. The important part to remember is how you’ll want to measure the success of your KPIs and build content around that accordingly. Some of the most measured success indicators include a number of views, comments, percent of engagement, and time spent viewing.

2018 will be epic for video marketing ideas and inventions, we will see new companies producing high-end video content as well as impressive marketing campaigns, there are no boundaries or limits to this since every day something new and different is coming up. There are no barriers as to what new idea or campaign would surface that would take the hype and bar to a whole new level.