How Much Does A DIY Animated Explainer Video Cost?


How Much Does A DIY Animated Explainer Video Cost?

You are probably wondering, what about sites like Fiver? Can I create a cheap explainer video there without the price tag of a production company?

The answer is yes, you can find cheap explainer videos if you look hard enough.

Sadly, many of our clients have come to us after hiring a cheap company and the outcome does not represent their brand.

But what if you take the DIY route in creating an explainer video so you wouldn’t have to spend so much?

Here’s the deal: A high-quality explainer video requires experts who fully understand the components required to establish authority or expertise, enhance the brand, completely engage viewers, and deliver a message in such an impactful and impressive way that viewers are driven to respond according to how the business wants them to.

Let’s think about all of the elements that come with a quality explainer video, first, you have the concept and script. An experienced company will explore your brand positioning and come up with a well-written script that will help you visualize the final product.

Next, you have the visual elements. With cheap videos, you are sure to sacrifice quality here and often times end up with copy-write issues when designers pull graphics from Google images vs. custom graphics. You get the idea.



Amateur videos simply cannot cover all those bases, and it’s not just that they’re inadequate; they can actually hurt the business brand or image. In the world of marketing, a bad image can mean the end for a business—is this risk you want to take?

Therefore, when exploring how much does an explainer video cost, we hope we have answered some of your questions. If you are ready to use an explainer video to grow your business, make sure that you air a high-quality production company.

Don’t dwell so much on how much money you’re using for it; instead, look forward to the positive results the investment will deliver, such as brand or business image enhancement, increased SEO performance, customer respect, engagement, higher conversions, and more

Video marketing is all the rage nowadays when it comes to marketing as they are more engaging and they easily satisfy the curiosity and attention span of your customers. A study even reveals that videos on landing pages increase average page conversion rates by 86%.

Explainer videos, in particular, are very effective in locking in interest and encouraging viewers to act on connecting with the business through the email opt-in, click-to-call, or filling out a contact form on your website.