Animated YouTube Commercials: A Marketing Mantra to Boost Sales


Animated YouTube Commercials: A Marketing Mantra to Boost Sales

YouTube has now become what we didn’t expect it to be, with over a billion views every day and over a million channels, it is by far the most powerful tool to get engagement online and establish a digital footprint. Now, why is that so? why YouTube has become a pillar to support marketing strategies of companies and peers?  The answer is simple, YouTube caters videos and videos are now the ultimate media to generate leads and sales.

The Marketing Agenda

Companies like Walmart, best buy, dell, IBM, Google etc., they all have a certain marketing agenda to follow and if you go on to their YouTube channels you will see uniformity. Animated YouTube commercials, all of them have animated skits uploaded instead of a live action short video. Why is that so? They have billions to make great videos with effects, actors and what not but they go for animations.

  • It’s cost-effective.
  • Brand Awareness.
  • Online visibility and exposure.
  • YouTube ads.
  • YouTube monetization.
  • Global reach.
  • Effective conversions.
  • Improves video sales funnel.

Now, we’re sure that we missed more points but 1 thing that matters the most is its limitless reach that a live action can’t do plus what’s the point of spending millions when a company can do the same in a mere thousand dollars and that’s where animated YouTube commercials come in.

The Dynamic Duo – Animation + YouTube

Like we mentioned above in the intro, YouTube is now the 2nd largest search engine after Google, in fact, it’s better than Google because whatever you search on Google and if it’s a video then the YouTube result will be on the top. This is exactly why Google acquired YouTube for its significance and massive viewership. When combined with animation, you get exposure from both Google and YouTube respectively, double the fun, the reason being is that videos tend to get indexed much faster in Google. Most animated YouTube commercials have this sorted out because the companies have smart marketing teams.

The Mantra

To get it done, it’s important to do it right. The mantra revolves around what should an animated YouTube commercial look like. First, it should be short and crisp, why? Because of the dropout rates, no one likes a long dull video because of our short attention span. Then, a commercial is useless without an interesting start, the 1st 5 seconds are important plus the pre-roll advertising of YouTube so make every second count. Then comes the essence of an animated YouTube commercial, its uniqueness, and customization, a viewer has seen a ton of videos before so why would they watch another similar video?  A brand identity depends on how well you craft your idea. The standard of your video matters the most, a poor low quality of animation will ruin the image of the brand and you cannot buy an image so avoid using templates and samples just for the sake of making videos. Lastly, the SEO friendly approach, what you call your commercial matters, its name, and its title will affect the way people will search it and how it will rank on Google. Take this video of as an example, they market on YouTube ads mostly as popups advertisements. Have a look –


YouTube is the future of marketing, it already is, and companies are now investing heavily in this change of trend and transition with partnerships. The whole point is to make better visual content and deliver viewers with the expectation they deserve.


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