Business Explainer Video, Does your Business really need one??


Business Explainer Video, Does your Business really need one??

Businesses these days are finding more and more innovative ways to provide a fun and inspiring company culture for their employees. Facebook has a small conference room for meetings, and Google provides nap pods for comfort & avoid stress plus free organic meals to their employees. Another idea that is more simple and likely more easily accessible is using Business explainer video for the employees and clients to see – they add to the culture of your business, and using technology to communicate messages internally and externally helps keep your content in line with the age of technology.

Now, does your business really need a business explainer video or it’s a subjective thing?

Yes, you do, you gain something out of it, and it doesn’t hurt or damage or concur expense.

Here are some ways to Use Business Explainer Videos

A good video will benefit everyone to understand the message you are trying to get conveyed. Wondering how you can apply video to your business? We have a few ideas for you:

Training Videos

  1. Introduce a new employee to the company
  2. Set up video training modules to use throughout your organization
  3. Train remote workers
  4. Update employees on important organizational changes

Human Resources

  1. Explain compliance
  2. Differentiate health insurance options and coverage
  3. Discuss savings and stock options like 401k
  4. Explain important policies and procedures
  5. Create a video on harassment at the workplace


  1. Create weekly newsletter videos
  2. Send videos in emails to leads and customers informing them of products or promotions
  3. Have a video on your landing page to increase conversion
  4. Use business explainer video for a crowdfunding campaign

Internal Communication

  1. Pitch an idea
  2. Introduce the advisory board or share a message from your CEO
  3. Create weekly business explainer videos to send to different teams about micro learning topics
  4. Have creative group work sessions by creating videos
  5. Explain an escape route in case of an emergency

External Communication

  1. Create an elevator pitch
  2. Present your product to investors
  3. Explain your vision and mission
  4. Tell your company’s history
  5. Increase conversions using video


When it comes to making a video for your business, you don’t need to stick to a specific target audience, it’s not important since your motive isn’t to get leads or viewers.  The point is to showcase what your company means and stands for. It doesn’t matter how you make it, it should resonate with the reality of your business and that would make an impact. Most companies invest a lot of money in making sure that their video is up to the mark because they wish to earn lead and engagement from it. So before making a business explainer video, make sure you decide what your goal is and work on it accordingly.

Explainer Video has a place in countless branches when it comes to your company. They make your video content more exhilarating while adding endless value to your overall organization.