Where and how can I use an animated explainer video?


Where and how can I use an animated explainer video?


Animated explainer videos are powerful & can be used anywhere and anytime, there’s no stopping them. One of the best attributes of video content is its versatility, and animated explainer videos are no exception. Do you think that it’s good enough just to place it above the fold on your home page and that´s it? There are numerous ways you can use your animated marketing video and get the most out of it. Let’s see how you can use them accurately:

Website homepages

This is one of the most common uses of an animated explainer video. Most viewers don´t scroll down on websites, so if you want to grab their attention it´s vital that you place your video above the fold. You should make it easy for them to find it and play it. Make sure that the play button is big so as to encourage visitors to click on it.

Landing pages

This use is very similar to the previous one. Just like on your home page, placing your animated explainer video above the fold on your landing page reduces bounce rate and increases the average visit time by 2 minutes. Make sure that the CTA is visible while watching the video or immediately afterwards.

Marketing campaigns

Animated Explainer videos and e-mails work perfectly hand in hand. Open rates and CTR grow dramatically when using video to entice your target audience. Also, more people are more likely to make a purchase after watching a video than those who did not.

Email marketing

You can also boost the visibility of your animated explainer video by including it in your e-mail signature and sharing it with everyone you exchange e-mails with. This will help you to promote it in a very natural and friendly way.

Social media

Animated explainer video is the most shareable marketing content of all and works perfectly on social media platforms: videos generate more engagement and interaction than other types of content. You can post your animated explainer video in your status updates and also run an ad campaign in order to get more leads and gain more exposure.


Content is the king & with an engaging animated explainer video, you can hit a jackpot. t add visuals to your posts and also helps to deliver the message, making the content more “digestible”. Also, it will help a lot in your SEO efforts and will enhance your page to rank better in the search engines organically. Make sure you post useful content consistently and periodically to your blog.

Paid Ads

You can also use your animated explainer video to run an ad campaign and achieve quick results, while testing your marketing assets (driving traffic to your site organically can be quite hard and you need a lot of patience). Paid ads let you target specific audiences and track your customer interactions, so you can know exactly what your cost per lead is.


Animated explainer video can also be a great resource to train your team and use it as a channel of inspiration and motivation. They´re  good to use to share new processes and procedures that involve complex concepts, to provide general guidelines and to introduce new policies to your staff.