“Dumb Ways to Die”, Here’s Our Take on the Hit Game App Hype


“Dumb Ways to Die”, Here’s Our Take on the Hit Game App Hype

“Dumb Ways to Die “or as we call it “fun ways to die”, this app has caused a hype among parents and kids as well, but we as a company, we postmortem what we think is great and unique about it. Not that we encourage gore or deaths but where there’s animation, Video@Click will make sure it gets the attention. We bet you’ve seen a lot of dumb ways to die videos or fun ways to die videos as it precedes the game app. let’s give you our 2 cents on it.

The app includes a collection of 15 short mini-games that require players to tap and tilt their way to “correct the characters’ poor choices to save them from what would be a predictable death. The artwork in the game reflects the graphics and animation used in simple generic 2D animated videos in the dumb ways to die video and it resembles a  shows off a flat style of artwork, which, combined with the use of nice, not too bright colors, gives the app a cartoonish feel without losing a layer of sophistication.

Video@click has made similar style videos but now dumb ways to die videos have become a specific style statement among animation companies. So how is the game played? Why players and users search for funny ways to die videos or dumb ways to die videos, we are just curious to know. The game is simple enough that there is virtually no learning curve, so you can hop into gameplay from the start”, concluding that “the style is perfect for an iOS game”. The game is free to download and features in-game advertising to pay for costs.

Players tilt, blow on, and tap their device to survive a boundless series of absurd, death-defying mini-games. The controls are intuitive with no instructions required for gameplay, but rather rely on reflexes of players to interact with the screen as written instructions appear throughout new scenarios.  The sequencing of scenarios is random and speeds up as player’s progress. ‘Train safety’ related mini-games are rotated in quick succession amongst comical scenarios with characterizations. If you see dumb ways to die videos on YouTube, you’ll see how people play and respond wrongly in actual gameplay sessions.

Now why this video engaged people to such an extent? There’s a message that we see, while some people just enjoy fun ways to die videos, we looked at the bigger picture. The Dumb Ways to die mobile game is built around the central theme of influencing the public on intended safety behaviors around rail infrastructure or anywhere, although predominantly features ‘dumb’ behavior resulting in a fatality in comical scenarios. Once players have ‘died’ three times, they are then encouraged to sign a safety pledge to be safe around trains. The simple but addictive style of gameplay linked to the key rail safety messages proved to be very popular with the target audience.