The Future of Video Marketing In 2018


The Future of Video Marketing In 2018

2018 will be the year of video marketing and video content, but it just doesn’t stop there folks, why? Well because digital video is expected to keep growing every year until 2020. This is mainly because video marketing keeps getting easier and cheaper to create. Nowadays, there isn’t the need for a highly advanced camera with a full lighting setup to create a video you can probably create just as good a video from your iPhone 7s as well or any other smartphone. So, there’s no excuse not to be using video marketing.
Now, if you look ahead in time, people are infused with social media 24/7. Everyone loves to watch instead of reading and Video marketing provides direct brand interaction. It isn’t just about putting your message out there for the people, it’s more about creating a marketable understanding between your brand and consumer or viewer, plus It’s about connections, giving people a visual of how a company or a company’s product relates to them.

Moreover, videos marketing engage even the laziest of consumers. It’s a great tool for knowledge but it’s also super easy to understand and grasp. People may not have time to read long descriptions but they love to see products or services in action with a pinch of animation. When we talk about video marketing for the future, we need to talk about how it’s going to be modernized for the next generation, what will make them buy a certain product service? According to us, it’s going to be YouTube, Creating videos allows for social network shares as people can take videos from YouTube onto different social sites and spread it easily. However, in social media perspective, video marketing experts must remember that people share emotions and sentiments, not facts. So, create entertaining videos to encourage social shares that complement your video marketing strategy.

We have done the countless debate on the length of the video and a lot of video marketing experts argue that a video shouldn’t be more than 30 seconds, but we say that, in future, the longer the better. We are no longer attracted to the old-fashioned 15 and 30-second spot, giving us extra opportunities to experiment with more long-form videos. in a recent survey by Google, they saw higher engagement, view through acknowledgment, and brand exposure on a 90-second advertisement when compared to more traditional 30-second ones.
Since we are well aware of the current video animation styles, 3D is animation is surely a winner for the future considering the fact that people are now more inclined towards 3D animation as compared to 2D. Video marketing will not only be limited to certain style trends, but there are also motion graphics and typography as well in the competition. Video marketing for the future is not just about videos, it’s about going digital with everything you’ve got, it’s about changing the trend and going different and we are sure that the future is going to be great for marketing.