How much does it cost to make a whiteboard animation video?


How much does it cost to make a whiteboard animation video?

Whiteboard animations don’t need any introduction, Sometimes it’s wise to stand out from the crowd by choosing a style not commonly used by companies in your niche, but sometimes it’s a risky choice to make. The truth is, each style can be used for any explainer video you want, regardless of what industries you’re in or what products or services you’re trying to promote. However, each of them has pros and cons. Some styles are straightforward, some focus on details, while others focus on visual attractiveness. Whiteboard animation video is indeed a treat to watch and makes everything better but with a cost. The question is how much would a whiteboard animation cost?

Let’s go through a detailed scenario.

Let’s focus on a 60-second whiteboard animation video. It all depends on the quality, service, and people in which people want.

1 In the under $2,500 market, your supplier will be doing one of two things: using do-it-yourself tools like Video scribe, or you will be outsourcing to someone overseas for $3 per hour. I feel for those folks making those because in any country that is very difficult to support a living, and they need to produce dozens to even come close to making a living…thus, the quality and trustworthiness diminish greatly, while timeliness suffers. Most companies cannot risk this price, based on the lack of quality, time, and risk involved.

2 You then have the 3–6k buyers that likely are a single person business or a small business that has never made a video before. In this budget range, there are a lot of companies that do the same as above, just charge more! This is a risky zone. You need to do your research and talk to references to make sure you are getting custom work designed for you, not a reusable template or worse. In this range, you must dig deep to find who and what you are really dealing with.

3 There are buyers that are financially healthy and need a trusted source, a solid discovery session with a knowledgeable person, and a quality product (video). This budget range is typically 7–12k per minute. In this area, you also should expect a lot more for your money: Rock solid process, online access to your work, a dedicated human contact with your production team, as well as Tran’s media offshoots of the video.

4 The last category is the video that needs to tell a complete story and serve a purpose that would be a showpiece for display: a commercial, company at a keynote, trade show, product launch, etc. These can be 50k to 500k easily.

You may have noticed that whiteboard animation video is as common as dirt on the internet. It’s popular for several reasons, one of them being its simplicity. Whiteboard animations are commonly used for demo videos and corporate training videos. When you want to give lessons and convey messages clearly and in a straightforward way, you don’t necessarily have to put extra effort in making the visuals super-duper awesome. Wait, aren’t animated explainer videos supposed to be visually attractive? Yes, that’s correct, but don’t flip out yet. Simplicity contradicts the fact that “visual attractiveness” is what an explainer video is supposed to be strong in’s from a design perspective, a whiteboard animation explainer video looks more “sketchy” and less detailed than a cartoon video. Whiteboard animation video has its own justification for its lack of complexity and novelty, though. It’s structured and straight to-the-point. It serves the informative purpose more than featuring pretty colors and gradation. Additionally, it gives viewers the feeling of actual learning in a class, psychologically speaking. Whiteboard animation video has proven to be effective for demo videos, corporate training videos and idea/concept pitching.


Studies have shown that using a whiteboard animation video as a marketing tool is an effective way to reach out to customers and grab their attention. Whiteboard animations are interesting, they provide a better understanding of ideas that are complicated or complex, and they are able to bypass filters in the brain that are set up to stop advertising messages. These videos often are shared through email, and on social media platforms, which spreads their message further than you could ever imagine. Traditional advertising methods often cause customers to be resistant to what businesses are trying to tell them. More advanced, innovative marketing methods are able to clearly deliver the message customers need to hear, and they are able to learn and understand what that business can do for them.

Whiteboard animation video is also becoming utilized on television. You can watch this class of method collaborating with new music, take some music videos in YouTube like Lemon Tree. The artist sings his song while images correlate in giving the full message of the song. The relationship between the performer’s song and the images emphasized the message in a much clear but humorous way that provides the viewer the full perception of what the song is about without losing their curiosity. Others use whiteboard animation videos on a steady beat or rhythm to deliver the concept of the beat so that the viewer can use their imagination to develop greater understanding.