How to Identify and Inspire From a Great Product Teaser Video


How to Identify and Inspire From a Great Product Teaser Video

Ever wonder what makes you buy a certain product? And how do products sell so fast considering there are many people who don’t even need that product? It’s all smart marketing with a pinch of something called a product teaser video. If you notice, there’s a word “Tease” in the phrase and it has a role to play in making huge sales. Product teaser videos are deliberately made to engage and entice the viewer before the official release, to create a hype plus get pre-booking orders.

Now, coming back to the topic, product teaser videos are a great profitable tool but it’s not easy to craft one and for you to craft one, it’s important to understand and learn. Take this teaser video as an example by Lenovo for an idea on how short teasers are made


Taking Inspiration the right way:
so, you have a product or service to sell and you’re confused about how to go about it? You can either hire a company to do that for you or you do it by yourself and use the in-house team and save capital. Either way, you will have to identify good teaser videos to inspire from. Allow us to tell you what they have and you don’t.

  • An engaging CTA (call to action)
  • Attractive Title
  • Mesmerizing intro
  • Precise first 5 seconds
  • Not more than 15 seconds duration
  • Smart concept
  • More text animation
  • A sneak peek of the product not more than 3 seconds
  • Price and launch date
  • Ending with a curiosity

Product Teaser 101

So there you go, but there’s more. That’s what you need to see product teaser videos for idea and inspiration. On a brief note, product teaser videos should always have a proper title and by the title we mean something that makes you and viewers click even if you’re greedy enough to add a deceiving title, it’s all fair in marketing because how else will the viewer click.

The next point you need to identify is the intro, the title will make the viewer click but the intro will make them stay and not change the channel or close the window, the 1st 5 seconds are important, a tricky question to puzzle the viewer about their expectation of the product tends to work great. Then, the overall duration of the video should not be more than 15 seconds, you can’t tease for a minute, teasers are short to end with a cliff hanger to leave the viewer stunned and curious. This is exactly why you, we and them go on google and search for the product to know more. Have a look at this stunning 15 seconds teaser by Xfinity


Since it’s a teaser, the idea is not to show much and focus on the features and text more, most products have text animation with a 3-second preview of the product and that too in a flash so that the viewer googles it on their website. And last but not the least is its launch date and price, that’s what’s it’s all about in the end, a good ending with a “Coming Soon” slogan and a deal price is all that a customer wants.


Product teaser videos are the reason why brands and companies nurture leads before the release even, the idea is not only to attract consumers but also to challenge the competition in the market. Most companies focus on such videos for product engagement and hype.



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