How to make a good animated video?


How to make a good animated video?

The animation isn’t a genre, it’s an art that is taking the world by storm, we have seen many animated videos around, some are great to watch, and some don’t entertain us much. Good animations are hard to spot and see, animated video production has now improved a lot and companies are now investing in animations.

So how a good animated video can be made? , what are the points to look for? , a captivating, successful animated video usually requires a more systematic approach. To create an engaging animated video, you’ll need to immerse yourself in a creative process, just like when you create a new slide presentation from scratch or write a new blog post: it not only requires inspiration and creativity, but a structured process might be helpful and effective. You should ask yourself a couple of questions before you start creating a video:

  • Why do I need this video? What do I want to achieve with it?
  • Who will watch this video? Why should they be interested?
  • How will I use this video? How will it be delivered or presented to my viewers?

You can do this yourself or consult any animated video production company for ideas and video production. Before that, there are some important points to figure out.

 Determine your target audience

You’re making an animated video with a particular audience in mind: your customers, prospects, students, colleagues, website visitors, and members – whoever makes sense in your particular area of activity or business. However, your video can’t be everything to everyone, so narrow your audience down, and make sure you know why you select this as your target audience. Some examples of well-identified target audiences: This video targets visitors of my website who have never heard of my products or services, this video targets existing customers who have problems with a particular feature or this video targets senior adults who want to learn new software Preferably, select only one of your possible target audiences and make the best possible video for them. If you are worried about missing other audiences, you can easily make multiple, different video versions about the same topic, but aimed at different target audiences.

Refine your objectives

Knowing why you need this video is usually pretty obvious: you want to explain your topic to people who don’t understand it yet. You want to inform people about the features and benefits of your products or services. If you’re facing any problem in finding out the motto of your video then a good animated video production can get you across the hurdles easily and get your message across. However, don’t keep your objectives too general. Again: your video can’t be everything to everyone.

Turn your Script into a storyboard

When your script is ready, you have a voice-over text that will be the backbone of your animated video. Now you have to illustrate that story with pictures, animations, keywords and other meaningful objects. Just one more step before finalizing your video, Try to make a list of the visual cues you would ideally like to use to support your story. Sketch your scenes on paper and determine how best to organize the visuals and the words, and which animations you want to apply to them.

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