The psyche behind using explainer videos for small businesses


The psyche behind using explainer videos for small businesses


Working with the giants of the industry makes you frustrated about your own reputation right? This leads to less productivity and more anxiety in your team. You want to follow up the strategies that the industry giants are following but they are completely out of the question because you don’t have the arsenal to compete? , its true isn’t it? , well let’s get realistic now. You need an explainer video to make you look big among the giants. Initially, every company was at your position and they struggled to achieve milestone. Small sized firms are limited resources but you can also be among them using some strategic points that are feasible with your budget. One of these strategies nowadays includes online marketing through explainer videos or simply video marketing. Does this ring any bells?

Explainer video for small business:



You may have also observed explainer videos on your competitors’ landing pages or social channels, and you may consider having one as well. But, the next thought is that there is no clue for a newly started business to get an explainer video. You are wrong! Let’s get deep into the facts every single person on the earth has a story and they would love to describe it with all their emotions attached to it. The story of initial struggle, the story of team bonding and dedication, the story of tired days and sleepless nights that got you where you are now. Don’t think that your story is not capable enough to be told. Be confident, and express your true emotion and an explainer video is the best option for that. It’s totally up to you what style you choose for your animation, but let your story speaks itself!


If you are running a small bakery or you are the owner of a small hair salon in the next street and you don’t think it is worth your money to get an explainer video for yourself then let me correct you here, it is easier to get your audience gathered through social channels. Even if you don’t have a website you can get your animation on your Facebook page or Twitter account pinned. Let people see how you actually work and how much concerned you are towards your customers. It’s easy to engage your customers through these videos rather mere text and images.


The size of your business does not depict the requirement of video marketing as it is one of the most extensively used tools in marketing. Thus, it is not a rule that only a big corporate can have an animation to explain their business. Are you selling pancakes? Show it to the world by visualizing it. And nowadays it’s just a click away to get a video for your business as many corporate video companies are working to provide quality explainer videos. Explainer videos need no introduction, but explainer videos for businesses are different and are the real deal. In the business world, time is an investment and investment must get some good revenue. We, therefore, need to look at what kind of explainer videos we are making, and what’s the difference when dealing with other businessmen or public. We will discuss some major differences that will distinguish a B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to consumer) explainer video, let’s see how it may help


B2B explainer videos should be professional, not emotional or humorous. Your business partners or competitors are not going to be flattered with emotional or heart touching animation. They want to see your success and logic. That’s the key difference between a businessman and community. While working for the animated videos for business, you must work with logic plus proof and facts. Whiteboard animation videos are a great source to convey an idea. Astound them with facts and figures that your company possesses. On the other hand, inspire your customers with emotions and show them that how much each customer is important to you. In line with this phenomenon, animated explainer videos have become the icing on the cake of any online marketing strategy. Every day more and more companies (big brands and start-ups alike) are using video on their marketing campaigns, due to their brilliant performance on conversions and click-to-rate metrics, among many other marketing benefits. Another advantage of explainer marketing videos is their share ability. Video is the easiest online content to grow on social media, with 12x more chances to be shared than links and text combined. Twitter users share 700 videos every minute Tweet This!, and on YouTube over 100 hours of video are uploaded in the same amount of time. This trend has increased the demand of explainer video production & Video animation services.


We can simply conclude that either your business occupies a single room or a number of buildings, the explainer video can help you grab the attention of your potential customers. Since the video marketing is the latest buzz in online marketing then you must make the most of it. Lastly, remember this “Big things come in small packages”. Businesses must be prepared since the online video boom isn’t going to slow down anytime soon.