How to select a right voiceover for explainer videos


How to select a right voiceover for explainer videos

What compliments good explainer videos? , take a guess, a lucky guess.  Is it the visuals? , well we see what we see right and yes visual are important but what about what we hear? Do you get attracted to engaging sounds or music, if yes then voice over for explainer video is very important? It breathes life into an explainer video and makes visuals look more appealing.

Explainer videos are voice oversensitive, a bad voice over can ruin your video and destroy the message you’re trying to give to your audience. There are many things to see and notice there’s a voice-over artist, the gender, dialect, tone, accent etc. There’s no one size fits all voice-over, it’s all about finding the right voice overtone to match your company and brand. This is the most important step, now going towards choosing the voice over for explainer video, there are 3 styles that would be important to evoke brand perception, There’s (1) Excited (2) Dramatic and (3) Neutral. These 3 are like ways of introduction, how the voice over would start speaking.

An explainer video is all about a good music and a voice, if your company has a corporate stature and your target audience is a group of directors or managers at a higher level, then a funny or a funky tone won’t do well, not even a low pitch voice tone would work in this scenario.  Now for a corporate set up video, you’ll need a well written script that would complement your voice over later so it should consist of such words that would give the voice-over artist an idea of what he/she needs to say. Your voice over would depend on the accent and dialect too, if it’s a video for women, then a female voice is suitable since it represents a feminine side to the video, it gives a more compassionate, helper and a soft non-threatening tone. Moreover, a study shows that almost 50% of the people found males voice to be forceful and dominating and preferred a female voice vice versa, this makes the voice of explainer video quite relevant.


Explainer video with voice over



Explainer video needs a compelling voice over to succeed,i t’s vital that you get the speed and pace of your voiceover redress for some reasons. Watchers should have the capacity to take after your story and be locked in by it, while in the meantime have enough time to process your message without getting exhausted. That is a difficult request!

Despite the fact that this post is tied in with picking the privilege voiceover, the speed and pace is really controlled by your content. In the event that you need your video to turn out at 90 seconds, at that point you have to ensure that you don’t pack your content with an excess of data.

An industry standard for enlivened recordings is 130-140 expressions of voiceover content = 60 seconds of vivified video. Having said that, it is imperative that your activity on screen coordinates the voiceover. You can’t request that the voiceover craftsman say “and afterward” and anticipate that the illustrator will pack huge amounts of symbols on screen in the meantime, since that will make a HUGE respite inthe pacing of your explainer video. Your content ought to be an instrument those aides the voiceover craftsman carry out their occupation.