Info Graphic Videos

Infographics Videos are a great visual tool to summarize knowledge and data on any given topic. They have been popular for a few years now, with thousands available for our viewing and knowledgeable pleasure. Now with us living in a world with more data being collected than ever before, info-graphic started rapidly becoming popular in January 2011 and is still on the rise. A good info-graphic displays information in such a way that the viewer can quickly comprehend the message, with clear points in a visually appealing way. According to “The Power of Visual Content” infographic by Market Domination Media, it’s proven that visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text, and 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual.

A good infographic video will capture a viewer’s attention and draw someone into click to read further. It needs to be about something that catches their interest, visually appealing and useful. The title and the color scheme really needs to be designed well. For an infographic to be successful, the winning formula is to select a relatable and interesting topic, quality research, tell a story, use good design with a complimentary color pallet and clean typography.

Although there are many types of infographics Animation, Static infographics Animation will remain the most popular format as it’s easier to design and more affordable to create and has a quicker download time. They can be used on print material, and easily shared and viewed via social media with mobile devices as well as desktop devices. Due to the high number of static infographics Animation, interactive infographics Animation will become more popular. Interactive options include scrolling, click/roll-over to reveal more information, transitions or multi-page formats. They allow more engagement for the viewer for longer viewing times with the ability to provide more in-depth information. Whilst doing this, it also allows the viewer to explore the data on their own.