Live Action Animation

Real people, real voices, effective messaging. That’s what live action animation brings to the table, and when it comes to your business. Your story is told in a way that captures more conversions, holds viewer attention, and presents your brand in a way that is expertly produced and visually stunning. Live action video is a powerful medium for sales, marketing, teaching, and training. No matter what kind of digital asset you’re creating, live Action provides an added element of realism and relatability.

What is Live Action Animation

These videos are diverse in style and production quality, ranging from iPhone or camcorder footage all the way up to beautiful professional videography from top production companies. And here’s a little secret, live Action animation work really well when they combine footage with 2D or 3D animation. Live action videos excel at telling human stories that feature real humans. 2D and 3D animation have the benefit of flexibility, but their ability to convey expression and relationships pales in comparison to what a live Action production company can accomplish. An artificial person can only achieve so much.

There is no specific categorization, however, considering this market trends and digital media; we have seen some corporations having additional edges from following the form of Videos.

  • Explainer Video
  • Commercial/Advertisements
  • Viral/Web/Social Media
  • Commercial Presentation
  • Product/Service summary
  • Corporate Documentary

These videos show the benefits of your product and service and the problems it solves for the public. Use live Action animation to target different buyer personalities and prospects at different parts of the sales platforms. Depending on how close your prospects are to making a decision, you can create unique video content to provide the right information for each stage of the sales funnel. The reason why this style is perfect is because of the realism it brings to the screen, not only does your brand or product get a human approval, it makes sure that people relate to what you’re trying to offer.