Stick Figure Animation

Just like the name implies, everything will be drawn in stick figures. Very simple, Playful but not overwhelming. In Stick figure Animation you can even combine all 3 to produce some really amazing results. Stick figure Animation includes many professional features that you’d normally only find in top-end animation packages, such as automatic lip-synching. Record some speech and StickMotion will analyze the sound to produce realistic looking mouth movements for you – this is much more than opening and closing mouths with volume changes.

Stick figure Animation can be a powerful way to communicate your messages, but there are some guidelines you should use. Make sure that any video production is done well. If you are using humor you want your audience to laugh for the right reason, and not because your video is laughingly bad. Decide on a persona for your stick figure characters. Stick figures have been used to mark crosswalks on traffic signs and most recently to show the world how big your family is on the back of a car. Today, simple stick figure Animations are making a big impact on communications. Perhaps it is because our world is so complex we appreciate the simple stickman so much, but he and his cohorts seem to be everywhere. It is a trendy concept you may consider taking advantage of.

When selecting a style for your video, it is important to consider the project objectives and how well the characters and movement will be received by your targeted audience. Moreover, be sure to think about whether or not the video style meshes with your brand identity. Below are some video styles and what they say about your product, organization, and audience. Stick figures are sometimes associated with an irony and amateurism. Moreover, viewers don’t identify as closely with stick figure Animations as they do with realistic or photorealistic images of people. Though these videos might seem easy to produce, they quickly unravel without a well-written script.