Which type of explainer video should you choose?


Which type of explainer video should you choose?


Explainer videos are great to watch aren’t they?  , but do we like all the videos? No right. Every style of the video has a different class that it instills, mostly every age gap likes something different, kids won’t like what adults do, and teenagers won’t like what senior citizens like and vice versa. Now an explainer video is also made with a target audience in mind, a video without a target audience is useless and won’t be beneficial.

If you’re planning on making an explainer video then you will have to decide what style to choose and how will it complement your business. Let’s start with the types


Motion graphics

Everybody loves graphics and it’s something that you see in movies and games. Motion graphics use video footage and animation technology to be used in multimedia projects. Motion graphics explainer videos are characterized for being engaging and straight forward and this style is great for companies that have complex product or service. Take a look at this video below for an insight.



Animation is the most common type when it comes to explainer videos, nothing beats it because it has diversity and versatility. This liveliness procedure has unlimited potential outcomes. It’s generally utilized for business purposes in view of its high caliber and for its best in class feel that can influence your image to be seen in a moment. Furthermore, the capacity to turn and zoom into every one of the components in the video influences the watcher to feel submerged in what’s being appeared. For an idea have a look at this animation illustration below.


Kinetic Typography

What’s something good to watch? , text in motion, it’s unique and looks creative. It’s a sophisticated name for animation with moving texts and a technique that mixes motion and text to express an idea. This style depends on the movement of typographic textual styles to express a thought. Sounds excessively shortsighted? It is – yet it works! In the event that the best possible text styles are utilized, the video can utilize the correct organization to underline certain sections and influence them to stick in your gathering of people’s memory. Check out the explainer video below for a textual info.



Whiteboard animation

Explainer videos 1st started off in whiteboard animation, it’s cheap and easily made and has always been used in funny videos. Most B2B and B2C companies use it because whiteboard videos are perfect for a product/service explanation. The drawing effect gives an engaging effect that drives attention to it and makes it simple & elegant. Take a look at this video made by us for a clear idea.


Character Animation

Last but not the least, explainer videos are full of characters that make the video look more exciting. Character animation can be both 2D and 3D since they are fun, attractive and cute.it works great if you want audience to not sleep during the video and keep them entertained. What’s great is that it can be integrated in any video style. See the video reference below

So, this is it, these styles pack a punch & has the power to make a statement, whether you’re making it for business or anything else.