Why Video Marketing Will Dominate 2018


Why Video Marketing Will Dominate 2018

Remember last year, when many of us marketers said 2017 is for sure going to be the “year of video marketing.” There was a good reason for that. Video marketing, advertising, and overall video consumption grew like crazy. But in 2018, the use of video among small businesses is going to hit its stride and solidify into a “must have” marketing tactic. If you as a business can make strategic use of video, you’ll be able to seize critical opportunities for sales and market share.

It may be surprising to hear, but 61% of all businesses now use video content in their digital marketing plans. Two out of every three of these businesses are newcomers to video. Those aren’t the only numbers going up. More people are watching a video as well. Approximations from this summer forecast that overall video consumption via mobile will increase by 35% by the end of this year. All of these developments foretell a new year where a digital video will be more important than ever to your small business success.

Because so many people seem to prefer video over text, many content strategies are now heavily reliant on video marketing. And business owners who focus on this type of content find tremendous value and ROI on these efforts. For one, people finish watching a video more frequently than they finish reading an average non-visual, copy-heavy blog. Over a third of all video viewers (37%) make it to the end of the video’s runtime. Nearly all of the mobile users who watch the video (92%) have a tendency to share that video content with their friends. Simply Measured also says that video gets shared about 12x more frequently than content links or text. Even more fascinating, other studies show that viewers retain messaging better if it’s delivered via video rather than text.

The advantages of video marketing are clear, you’ll get higher levels of engagement, shares, and conversions in your marketing funnel. Plus, adding a video component to your digital marketing strategy will become a clear competitive differentiator in the months ahead. If you’re looking to get started, just try transforming some of your existing content into a short (2.5 minutes or less) video. Look at your blog posts that got the most views and shares for inspiration.

Last but not the least, you need to include the video marketing essentials into your traditional marketing strategy, whatever you plan on making for advertising purposes. Since we are going towards the future, our marketing will be solely based on the web instead of televisions because of most people are now glued to their smartphone either using social media or any other medium online.

  • The first step to using video marketing to grow your business is to get started.  Start incorporating content into your 2018 digital marketing strategy.
  • As people are researching their choices on the internet, video marketing can be a great tool to position your product or service as the right decision.