What is the best way to promote your business online in Ramzan 2018?


What is the best way to promote your business online in Ramzan 2018?

It has been observed that the sacred month of Ramzan is a time when the online spending by Muslims all over the world rises significantly. If you’re into business then this month is sure to bring you profit, Ramzan 2018 is what we call the month of blessings and this month can be capitalized through video marketing.

A study conducted by The Arabian Marketer also showed that a 15% growth in retail and a 35% growth in travel through online sales were noticed during Ramzan 2017. As a result, e-commerce companies have started offering whopping discounts and attractive promotions on fashion apparel, electronics, sportswear, automotive and more. But are such measures enough to attract Ramzan shoppers? Not really! Video marketing with a pinch of videos is the key, Here are a few things to keep in mind if you wish your sales to peak during this sacred month:

  • Make your e-commerce website effective as possible – During Ramzan, most people are usually away from their desktops or laptops, but are active on their mobiles, which include smartphones and tablets. Google also shows that more people during this period watch more YouTube videos and search on the internet through mobile phones. Hence, a mobile-friendly and easy to navigate website is crucial to lure such shoppers. An explainer video on your landing page can do wonders.


  • Focus on the right times – Weekend, early morning hours, shortly before the sunset and right after the sunset when the faithful breaks his or her fast are the peak times for shopping. And you will have to be ready for that.


  • Say yes to Arabic – In a country where the majority speaks Arabic, it will do your website a lot of good if it has a version in that language. Ensure that your website supports local currencies and payment platforms, Such payment gateways assure easy and transparent fund transfer.


  • A pre-Ramzan campaign can help – To emotionally connect with potential shoppers, it is a good idea to go for a pre-Ramadan campaign. It shows that you appreciate the local culture and respect the sacred month.


  • Stand apart from the competition – Since most or all e-commerce companies will be vying for the customers’ attention, you need to build special video marketing strategies to stand out from the crowd. Unique or rare offers might help.


  • Find out what works best for you – Not all industries are affected in the same way by Ramadan. For instance, fashion outlets usually benefit the most from the sale of kid’s clothing. Travel agents on the other hand benefit when they keep an eye on the best times for booking flights and hotels.


  • Make the most of social media – Interactions on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter increase by leaps and bounds during Ramzan. A study by Motion Point reveals that this hike can be as much as a third! Hence, strategic social media marketing will come in handy and drive more traffic towards your website.

So, gear up for Ramzan with the smart tips mentioned here. There is every possibility that you might end up reaping more benefits than ever before!