What are whiteboard animation videos & why are they getting so popular


What are whiteboard animation videos & why are they getting so popular

Whiteboard animation videos are the video styles where the viewer can see static images drawn on the screen. Typically, the script is structured as a third-person narration or a use-case example that supports the story that is told through the drawing. They are simple, yet incredibly engaging. Now the question remains as to what are whiteboard animations videos & why are they getting so popular, Whiteboard animation video is here to stay, it isn’t just a temporary trend that would fade away. The reason is that now, it’s the backbone of digital marketing nowadays. Businesses that employ them attract a much larger audience than those who have not embraced any form of video marketing. People have a fondness for animations and this production yield a high engagement rate. Whiteboard animation video and video scribing goes together, we see Video Scribing over the Internet, It has been around for a while but as of late it is gaining popularity due to its uniqueness and power of delivering a message.

Whiteboard animation is particularly useful in explaining complicated concepts in a straightforward manner. However, it can really be used by any kind of business with awesome results. Now the reason why this type & style is getting popular is because it’s not costly to create one, in terms of business these videos are cost effective, unlike other video types. Dynamic whiteboard videos cost relatively higher, dynamic whiteboard enables applying expensive animation methods (only where it is really necessary) while keeping costs down by basically using the classic whiteboard animation. For example, this style may incorporate moving/talking characters, motion graphics, 3D animation or any other animation approach.

Whiteboard videos are attention-grabbers with numerous fun elements. They expand viewers’ recall ability by 22% compared to live video. Whiteboard animation is beneficial for any business. Your potential customers will appreciate the engaging visual and will remember your message even after they leave your website. Whiteboard animations tend to be short and sweet. They are laser focused, meaning that they target a specific audience for a specific purpose. Viewers appreciate a production that gets to the point quickly and entertains them in the process.

Most whiteboard animations are no longer than 3-5 minutes. This is the average time a viewer is willing to pay attention and engage with a video. In addition to entertaining your audience with humor, you can use whiteboard animation to tell a story. Most people love a good story, and this is the opportunity to explain how your company got started, how you developed a product, or what drives you as an owner. What makes storytelling so engaging is that people can often see themselves in the same situations, and this helps them connect with a brand.

The advantage of high-quality whiteboard videos is that they are disarmingly simple and direct. They don’t rely on flashy effects to keep viewers engaged, they only use carefully crafted hand-drawn illustrations, which not only captivate the short attention spans of today’s internet generation, they also help viewers remember what they have seen and heard in a way no other video format has achieved.

Just look at the trend of Google searches for ‘Whiteboard Animation’, and you’ll see just how popular this style is becoming.  Whiteboard animation videos are an essential tool for marketers trying to convey complex ideas in a compelling way — without ‘talking heads’ or expensive video production. Because they blend professional quality audio with real-time illustrations that come to life before the viewer’s eyes, whiteboard animation makes the even dry material interesting. Now let’s get to the facts, whiteboard animation videos are naturally viral, the beauty of whiteboard animation videos is that they have great mass appeal, They don’t discriminate based on age or gender, or between skimmers and in-depth readers, or the well-informed and industry newbies. One study,  which compared 1,000 whiteboard viewers and 1,000 talking head viewers (of mixed ages 22 to 65+), found that whiteboard viewers were three times more likely to share the video on social media and were twice as likely to both recommend and buy the service, as well as to recall the facts and message being delivered. As every share or recommendation is free marketing for your company, this is a compelling statistic.

Whiteboard video animation is one of the most versatile explainer video styles: like cartoon-style videos, it’s always full of lovely characters and great visual humor; and like motion graphic videos, it explains complex ideas in a simple way.

These assets not only make whiteboard videos one of the most complete video styles, but also one of the most adaptable ones in the marketing world: B2B (Business-to-Business) clients will love the way these videos explain and “sell” a business idea quickly, and B2C (Business-to-Consumer) customers will never look away from its compelling storytelling and lovely characters. People have been using whiteboards for centuries to give lectures and presentations, so it’s no coincidence that animated explainer videos adopt this technique and apply it in the marketing field. It has worked for years – why wouldn’t it work now?



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