How Whiteboard Animations Actually Began?


How Whiteboard Animations Actually Began?

We all love explainer videos in which a hand is drawing some creative stuff that keeps us hooked until the video ends, don’t we ?. These sorts of videos are known as whiteboard animations. white board animation videos are also known as video scribing or animated doodling as the idea is inspired by static doodles created in the past and still many people are fond of it. In these videos, the actual essence is created by time-lapse i.e. the original animation is not used, but parts to demonstrate what’s happening are cut out and then placed in motion. Whiteboard videos are now rampant and a trend that is extensively used to endorse any product or idea. But have you ever thought who originated them? Let’s dig the answer!

Humans are visual creatures. They learn what they see. From early ages when we human started evolution, we used to make different drawings to communicate our message to other fellow beings. The idea revolves from the ancient times and modernized in this era of technology by this form of simulations. But who actually started this modern technique? Let’s dig it up further, shall we?
The very first animation was made by Errol Morris, who worked on the UPS campaign with Andy Azula and introduced this technique which is now widely used all over the globe for the advertised purpose.In this short video of merely 30 seconds, he delivered the concept of UPS and its major advantage over other delivery services. It was simple yet an engaging way to demonstrate the business idea to the locals who found it interesting and this way the journey started and proceeding till now. Quite intriguing right? , yes it’s true!

In the current era, we are overwhelmed by different techniques of explainer videos, but whiteboard animation still holds its individuality due to the capturing way of storytelling and never reveals the whole essence all at once. This simple bunch of drawings explains major complex ideas, business plans and product descriptions in a quite engaging way.

So, either you are going to make an explainer video for your small startup or you have a great business, you need a video to demonstrate your mobile application or you want to introduce the latest feature of your new device, whiteboard animations serve everyone with equality. Whether people use video for personal use or business use, there is no doubt that video use is rising in all aspects of online marketing. Whiteboard animation video content is especially compelling because of the dwell rate of users that watch whiteboard animation videos. Users watching a 45-second whiteboard animation video are much more likely to watch the whole video compared to a power point or interview video.

What else does video have to offer? On social networks, the video is shareable, likable, twitterable, Google plusable, linkedinable, must I go on? It is so easy to share with others and get people interested within seconds of the initial watch.