Why does your business need a promo video in Ramzan 2018


Why does your business need a promo video in Ramzan 2018

It’s no secret that people increase their online activity during the month of Ramzan, which is an ideal time for brands to actively engage with consumers through various promo video marketing campaigns. As people come to social with a mindset to discover content, as opposed to connecting with an intimate circle of contacts, the holy month creates a window of opportunities for brands to bring their businesses forward to such an audience. In order to get attention and stand out, the promo video is a must this year

Here are key tips on how brands can capture consumers’ attention and bring their campaigns, activities, and messages to life.

Conversations around Ramadan have become massive in 2016, we saw an 88 percent increase in the conversation in comparison with 2015, of which 37 percent were from Saudi Arabia alone, and 53 percent of Tweets came from the MENA region in total. This change was a result of promo video being made by companies to attract people.


People come to the platform to discover, explore, consume, and create content, and this is a perfect opportunity for brands to take part and engage with consumers. The activity on Twitter and Facebook is consistent throughout the month, with spikes at specific times during the day, mainly from the time people break their fast until sunrise. A promo video can get viral within minutes and reach a million viewers.

Capitalizing on such times of day would, therefore, ensure timely and relevant conversations targeted to the right consumers. Ramzan is also a great time for brands to create and share unique video content with their followers, as our internal studies have shown that video consumption takes a leap during the month. This is why promo video work great. Additionally, using hashtags in line with the key messages that businesses want to convey, along with a branded emoji, enables content to stand out in people’s timelines.

Ramadan is also a great opportunity for brands to create unique shows and content by pairing up with digital creators and influencers who would help put the brand in the spotlight. Having a solid storyline and providing people with a regular, live rendezvous would captivate people and get them coming back regularly for such engaging content. Adding a playful element to the content; such as hosting competitions for viewers to take part in, would encourage people to engage and with the brand and respond to questions in real time, making the brand more favorable with followers.

Providing viewers with an immersive live 360 promo video adds even further value by giving people a unique and exclusive behind the scenes look to what the brand has to offer, and in turn sparking their interest to engage further.