Why Video marketing is important in the Month of Ramzan especially for B2B business


Why Video marketing is important in the Month of Ramzan especially for B2B business

Ramzan 2018 has started with blessings and for businesses, it’s the month of profits and marketing, since we are now in a digital area where everything is done online. Video marketing is essential if you’re looking to capitalize on this year’s Ramzan.  Companies that are thinking of advertising during this period need to plan ahead because some publications can get booked months ahead of time. Though it is possible to even start marketing campaigns in some circumstances after Ramadan has already started you may find that the outlets you wish to advertise with are understaffed or extremely slow to respond because of decreased working hours during Ramzan, this is especially the case in more traditional Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia. We recommend that you start your Ramzan planning 2 months before the holiday.

So let’s get started shall we, video marketing is important, you need to show people what Ramzan means, there are some ideas to follow in this regard though.

Ramzan Advertising Budgets

Given the growing connection between the month of Ramadan and increased consumerism throughout the season, consumer-focused companies typically increase their advertising spends during the month.  Studies show the average increase is around 20% during the month of Ramzan over normal monthly ad spends. With the increased demand for video marketing and ad space, it is crucial that advertisers understand where to get the most for their ad spend investment or they could easily see their additional spend result in decreased results.


Respecting Culture in Your Marketing Messaging

Marketers should be cautious when determining what ad messaging to use during Ramzan and should make sure their ads are always respectful of Muslim culture and tradition. In an attempt to create a catchy ad some marketers could go wrong by depicting something or saying something that some Muslims will find offensive. Video marketing plus Marketers have to remember that Ramzan is a religious tradition with strong emotional ties in the society that must be respected. All video marketing messaging should be reviewed by multiple locals to confirm it will not be taken in the wrong way and damage a brands identity.

The Importance of Digital and Mobile During Ramzan

Google recently published data that clearly shows that people across the MENA region spend more time online, use their smartphones more and watch more YouTube videos during Ramzan. Despite this Google says most marketers in the MENA region aren’t taking advantage of this opportunity. Instead, these marketers continue to compete for a limited amount of space in traditional media outlets like TV and print. The opportunity in digital is clear for marketers who act now. Video marketing is the future and people are readily adopting it.